Life in Balance

Meditation, yoga and movement practices are a powerful complement to the work we do in therapy. They help strengthen the connections between our mind, body and spirit and provide us with a greater sense of stability, calm, self-awareness and mindful balance, inside and out.

As A Home for the Whole You, we offer guided meditation and yoga classes and events to our current clients and the broader Ample + Rooted community. Due to COVID-19, our meditation and yoga offerings are currently being conducted virtually. Join our email list or contact us to receive information about our latest offerings.

Neathery Thurmond meditating in lotus pose near the water and surrounded by treesPeople sitting on a colorful blanket with a musical instrument that looks like an accordion
No programs are currently scheduled. Check back soon!

Meditation and Movement Practitioners

We're always interested in hearing from practitioners with experience in meditation, breathing, yoga, somatic healing and other affirming, body-centered and movement-oriented practices. If you're interested in working together or designing a program for the Ample + Rooted community, please contact us!