The name of our practice grew out of the belief that each of us is whole and beautiful as we are; that it is our birthright to inhabit, trust and honor our physical selves without shame; and all that we need to learn, heal and grow is already inside of us. We are bountiful. We are expansive. We are ample.

Our therapy practice promotes connection within ourselves and with one another. It is a space, whether experienced virtually or in person, for becoming grounded in ourselves and the greater world. Here, we are connected. We are mindful. We are rooted.

We are Ample + Rooted.

Our Core Values


We’re open to new experiences and ideas and to learning new things.


We connect to others with compassion and without judgment.


We pay attention to the present moment.


We create warm, genuine, respectful and trusting relationships.


We find delight in the here and now.


The Ample + Rooted team is directed by Neathery Falchuk, a clinical social worker; board-approved supervisor and certified group psychotherapist; certified meditation teacher; and certified Body Trust® Provider.