This is an ongoing interpersonal process group for adults (30 and up) seeking connection around their relationship to substance use. This group will help members connect to others and to themselves through sharing thoughts and emotions in the present moment. This group uses a harm reduction model of care, does not subscribe to any particular recovery model and welcomes group members at any stage of use (in recovery, actively using substances, curious about their relationship to substances, etc). Group is a healing space to explore and process old patterns and can support group members with:

  • Exploring thoughts and feelings towards oneself and others
  • Processing openly the impact (both pros and cons) of substances
  • Sharing in a space where abstinence is not required
  • Deepening their interpersonal relationship skills
  • Practicing asking for wants and needs
  • Exploring values to develop a more fulfilling and satisfying life

All gender identities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds welcome. This group embodies the values of harm reduction and anti-oppression. LGBTQ+ folx and BIPOC are encouraged to join.

Contact us to see how group might be helpful for you!


We are born into a group (a family) and often spend the rest of our lives in a group (school, friends, work, family). We are usually wounded in the context of a group which means we can experience tremendous healing and growth through group work. People who join a group typically want to be able to better relate to others and to feel more connected to themselves. Group is about two things: 1) mindfully paying attention to thoughts, feelings, and reactions as they happen in the moment and 2) reporting to the group on what is noticed. This helps us develop the ability to experience and understand what is going on in our minds and bodies without immediately acting. Group is a place to explore the facets of who you are and how you interact with others and practice relating to yourself and others in new ways. It's a place to "be seen" and get support with changing old patterns and moving towards living a more meaningful life.

Group is a wonderful opportunity for transformative healing and is a great addition to individual therapy. Group allows space for taking what you’ve learned in individual therapy and applying it to a “relationship workshop”. Group therapy is a conduit of vitality and we will share both laughter and tears together, growing our capacity to experience intimacy and connection. Group therapy is designed to be a long term support and members often find themselves in group for at least a few years and many staying for much longer. Group can be an anchor of support as you navigate the ebbs and flows of life.


Tuesdays 1:00-2:15 pm


$55 per group session

Affirm Group Therapist

Julie Falchuk