Ample + Rooted Online Eating Disorder Training program

Whether or not you seek to specialize in treating eating disorders, it’s likely you’ve had a client in your office struggling with food, exercise and/or body shame. Eating disorders are prevalent in our society and are a highly fatal mental health diagnosis, second to opioid use disorder. Astonishingly, comprehensive, accurate, and inclusive training and education are minimal.

This 10-month training program was developed to provide an in-depth study in the treatment of eating disorders, chronic dieting, body shame and related struggles. It was also designed to hold space for clinicians to explore their own personal journey and countertransference, and to expand their confidence and skill in working with this population. The training is led by Neathery Falchuk, LCSW-S, CGP and founded on creating a space that’s fat-positive, sex-positive, Health at Every Size®, Body Trust® informed, LGBTQ+ affirming, anti-oppressive and anti-racist.

Eating Disorder Training
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Current Schedule + Fees

When: Applications Open April 2022



  • A required meet and greet and orientation to be held in early August 2022 (exact times to be shared later)
  • Bi-weekly, 90-minute meetings (August 2022 - May 2023, exact date/times to be shared later, 20 total consultation calls)
  • Pre-recorded modules will be required to be viewed prior to each consultation call in addition to assigned readings, podcasts, journal prompts, and case studies

Bonuses: You'll get access to demo videos, worksheets to use with clients, and guided meditations to support the person in the therapist. After completion of this training program, you'll join a community of Ample + RootED Trained® graduates for access to ongoing training, consultation, and community support.


Module 1- Diagnostic Overview of Eating Disorders, Risk Factors, and Biopsychosocial Model

Module 2- Signs and Symptoms, Medical Consequences, Neurobiology of Eating Disorders

Module 3- Intersectionality and Eating Disorders as a Social Justice Issue

Module 4- Eating Disorders and Marginalized Communities

Module 5- Health at Every Size®

Module 6- Assessing for Eating Disorders  

Module 7- Working as a Multi-Disciplinary Team

Module 8- Nutrition 101 for Clinicians

Module 9- Intuitive Eating Part 1

Module 10- Intuitive Eating Part 2

Winter Break

Module 11- The Body and Shame

Module 12- The Body as Ally; The Body as Home

Module 13- The Body and Sex and Pleasure

Module 14- The Embodied Practitioner

Module 15- Eating Disorders through the Lifespan

Module 16- Treating Eating Disorders: Attachment and Relational Approaches

Module 17- Treating Eating Disorders: Behavioral Approaches

Module 18- Treating Eating Disorders: Somatic and Expressive Approaches

Module 19- Co-Occurring Treatment (trauma, substance use, OCD, personality disorders, etc)

Module 20- Putting it All Together

What past graduates are saying…

"I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from Neathery and the dynamic group of mental health professionals that is my cohort. I am certain that I would not have received the kind of carefully curated, expansive material that I got from this training group anywhere else. It doesn't exist. Neathery has created a space for professionals to grow not only to better support our respective communities, but also to support ourselves. I feel forever changed and this knowledge has lit a match that I am certain will guide my social work practice. Whether you do more private practice or community work, this group has something for you, and I can't wait to share what I've learned with my community."

"With a mindful approach and humor, Neathery shares their vast experience and expertise in eating disorders, diet culture, anti-oppression, and social justice in a tangible, authentic way for each participating mental health professional. With each module, I build more confidence in how to assess for and work with eating disorders with clients of all ages. This training also challenges me to self-reflect on my own relationship with food, diet culture, and white supremacy."

“This is a fantastic learning opportunity, especially if you did not get a lot of specialized eating disorder training during grad school or in post-grad jobs. Neathery is a warm, loving teacher who really knows her stuff when it comes to eating disorders. The social justice aspect of the information we are learning have really helped to change my view of the world, and I am applying all this knowledge not only professionally but personally to change my own relationship with food and my body. If you have the chance, you should definitely participate in this training!”

“This group was hugely informative for me and Neathery did a fabulous job of breaking down the material so that it was easy to digest. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone...not just practitioners who work with eating disorders but to those who have an interest in dismantling diet culture and helping clients navigate their way through a diet-obsessed world.”

“This has been an amazing training experience. It came right at the time in my life (personally and professionally) when I needed it the most and had led to me having a beautiful community of like minded professionals to consult with and be on my own body acceptance journey with. Neathery is very knowledgeable about treating eating disorders, Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating, and the social justice aspects of this work and she happily shares this knowledge with you in ways that are very relatable and nonjudgmental. Neathery's been a great teacher and guide and I would recommend this training group for everyone!”

“This group was a wonderful way to expand my knowledge around food and body that I will be able to use with my clients. Most of my clients at one time or another have experienced pressure for their body to look a certain way and this course helped me to gain insight and resources so I can best help them with these issues. Neathery is super knowledgeable as well as warm and caring so it was a great combo!”

“Neathery provided a safe, instructional, and warm environment to explore eating disorders, diet culture and Health At Every Size. My practice will be forever changed by this group.”

Refund policy- due to the extensive time, energy, and planning for this program, in addition to limited slots available for this program, we are unable to accommodate refunds. If you need to withdraw and do so prior to September 1st 2022, you are able to roll over your enrollment to next year's cohort (plus a $300 fee in addition to the remaining balance of the new training rate that will be implemented in 2023).

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